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Duration : 15-30 mins

  • 1 hour
  • Price on request
  • Online

Service Description

Happiness and Spiritual growth come with mindfulness and by bringing the focus inward for we are the center of our strength, joy, and peace. Allow yourself to feel your thoughts and feelings without putting any judgment. I am available to offer a session between 15-30 mins long meditation. Mudras are symbolic gestures used with fingers and hands either during meditation or various Asanas. They influence the flow of energy in the subtle body and range from calming, heating, grounding, or energizing effect dependent on fingers' placement. I am here to teach the benefits as we navigate through the practice of your choice. Pranayama is the breathing technique we use to reinforce life into our bodies. By combining various ratios and the breathing style, you can feel calm, release stress, improve mental clarity, and improve our physical health. I am here to offer you a customized practice after careful assessment and application.

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